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I support Planning Commissioner Eduardo Martinez and Gayle McLaughlin (limited by City Charter to two consecutive terms as Mayor) for City Council. Together we promote the theme “Richmond is Better Now; Let’s Build on a Decade of Progress.”

Team Richmond commits to continue and expand the remarkable transformation resulting from a decade of progressive policies spearheaded by Mayor Gayle.

We stand strong in support of Richmond’s youth, that they be healthy and safe, attend good schools, enjoy sufficient recreational and other positive character development activities, and that an ever expanding job market embrace their talents.



Team Richmond supports modernization of the Chevron Refinery so that the devastating explosion of August 6, 2012 never happens again.

We call for repairs and renovations soon to ensure community safety; jobs for Richmond residents; and a significant and measurable annual reduction of the pollution emitted from the refinery.

We want to continue the grassroots renaissance begun in Richmond with McLaughlin’s election to the City Council in 2004. We focus on sustainable growth, community health, income equity, and clean energy. We follow the community’s lead in adopting bold and innovative solutions to chronic problems.

A New Generation of Leadership

Responsive; Resident-focused 

"Together, we have worked successfully on so many issues that we can truly say with pride,
'A better Richmond is happening!'”


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Home Meet Jovanka What I've Done Media Our Future Endorsements
Home Meet Jovanka What I've Done Media Our Future Endorsements
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