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INCOME INEQUALITY: It's time to spread the wealth

Income inequality is a term that we have been hearing more and more in the last few years. It refers to the fact that the gap between the rich and everyone else is widening more and more.

We cannot wait for the federal government to do something about it. We can, however, do something about it on the local level. Since my election in 2010, I have been committed to increasing the quality of life for Richmond residents by implementing policies and strategies that support that effort. Policies such as Ban the Box that omits the question of whether an individual have been incarcerated, from all City of Richmond employment applications. This policy has been extended to all contractors with the City as well.

I have also worked with movements in the community for these changes to help formulate them and to represent them.  The many good changes that have occurred to increase quality of life in Richmond did not happen by chance. They happened because of elected officials working with people who are making changes by organizing in the community.

October 24, 2010 - Richmond Confidential
Thinking outside the box, Beckles rallies for change

Here are more of the improvements to our city that I have championed to improve the quality of life for Richmond residents:

  • Initiated the Minimum Wage Increase in Richmond
  • Assisted in the creation of a Workplace Bullying Policy
  • Repaired the Bridge Between the Black and Brown Communities
  • Secured Richmond as a Human Rights City
  • Honored young people who Speak Out for Human Rights
  • Funded the Human Rights, Human Commission
  • Improved Community - Police Relations
  • Kennedy swim center ADA - brought it up to compliance (doors so wheelchairs can get through
  • Tennis courts and sport courts repaved/updated/restored
  • Ban the Box - fairness in hiring
  • Municipal ID's for all
  • Saved 35 year old woman-owned, Black-owned business from going out of business and would have affected many families and children
  • Advocated to bring the Call Center to Richmond
  • Voted to repair the Dorman Tunnel
  • Supported the effort to bring Whole Foods Warehouse, planet Fitness, Grocery Outlet and Nutiva
  • Supported the resolution to correct prop 13
  • I was big advocate for education -study sessions regarding CCC College, the single stop, gay pride and acceptance
  • Lights replaced and upgraded throughout the city
  • Help in changing a culture of violence to a culture of peace and tolerance as the HRHR liaison working with the schools and our kids
  • Supported joint venture MOU to bring port jobs
  • Supporter of housing stability with the Richmond Cares Program
  • Big supporter of the Iron Triangle Yellow brink road, walkable neighborhoods plan
  • Supported the Family Justice Center to be built
  • Voted to Open back up Point Molate park
  • Helped with the  Belding Garcia park rebuild
  • Voted for the health element in the general plan
  • Voted to include Just Cause in general plan

With your help we will be successful this year. We will keep the campaign positive, and reach out to all voters in every neighborhood with a strong grassroots cadre of volunteers. I appreciate your ideas, suggestions and support on this path. Call me at any time (510-698-9309) or send me an email ( ). Pull together some friends and let me meet them, hear from them and share my thoughts.

Your financial support is also appreciated. We have a paypal account on our website.

Lastly, I want to thank each of you for all your contributions to the people of Richmond. Everything that you have contributed - and continue to give - is blossoming into the future we all dream of for our city.

Peace and blessings,


This comment from a resident of the North and East sums up my first tenure in office very well:

"In response to the suggestion that the council work to make the city more desirable, I would like to comment that in the 21 years that we have lived in the North & East, there has never been a time where 'quality of life' improvements in the N&E and Richmond proper have been greater than the past 5 years.   Reduced crime, a friendly and well-trained police force, (remember the 'cowboys'?).  My street has been paved, (first time in 20 years)! Roosevelt Avenue has stopped being the race track that made living on it so unsafe.  Both the Solano Playlot and Berg Park have been rebuilt, (first time in over 50 years), with modern and safe equipment and they are now full of children again.  All of this has occurred because we have a community oriented and 'do something' city council and mayor.  More amazingly they have been able to make these changes in spite of a economic down turn that has crippled other communities.  Yes, they are improving Richmond and can still challenge the thieves of Wall Street.  Go Richmond!"

Dear friend of Richmond: :

My name is Jovanka Beckles and I am running for Richmond City Council. I love this City of Richmond where I live and work. I see all its potential. I see great need for healthy change here in our city. I realize how much positive progressive change it needs to become the city of our dreams. I know it is possible to build this together. We must move forward to address our current, as well as our future needs.

The election of President Barack Obama signaled that the country was ready for change. We need change at our local levels as well. It is ultimately up to each and every one of us, in every neighborhood to participate in creating the local changes that we want to see.

We have, in Richmond’s history, very proud moments of great achievements that have benefited all of our residents. When we were able to come together from many perspectives and backgrounds and support our common interests and aspirations we have excelled. We can learn a lot from that history.  See and download  “Our History Built Richmond”  and  “One Richmond.”  

We continue to change the image of Richmond to reflect what we know to be true- that Richmond is a city of many distinct communities that reflect the diversity of culture, interests, talents and possibilities. We can be proud of Richmond’s past history event as we continue to make history.

We find ourselves today faced with the great opportunity of re-defining the city where we live. Practicing forward thinking, we have put Richmond on the map as a city willing to make a way for a green economy that supports rather than harms the environment. In the coming years we can build a city-home with enough new jobs for all, by capitalizing on the booming Green jobs sector. We must create community where violence and crime is up-rooted, through a committed and unified effort by community members to Get Involved!. We deserve clean air to breath, great after school programs and libraries to learn, with parks and gardens and community places to enjoy and share. We must implement policies that dramatically and positively improve the quality of life for Richmond residents.

I feel even more strongly that it is particularly true for young people. I have had many sad opportunities to witness the despair of our youth. The worse was when I was the victim of a home invasion at gunpoint. As terrifying as that was for me, it was clear to me that those young, desperate men were equally terrified. They were not frightened of me: they were afraid of not having any obvious reason to hope for a good future with equal opportunities. We must address the root causes of this despair. We must show our children they are valued by providing all with a quality education, as well as positive actions and role models. The young men and women with whom I work every day want a future that is prosperous and safe. They are the ones who remind me that positive progressive change is desperately needed and that, fortunately, it is in the air.

 I bring many talents to the Council. These include: my experience in dealing with the root causes of violence and crime, my integrity, my Masters degree in Business Administration, a no-nonsense business approach, my solid community values, a fresh vision and energy, along with my dedication to Richmond and my faith in its residents.

I ask for your help and support. Together we can build that city that is a true home for all of us.

Positive Progressive Change is needed and it is in the air.


"We can not wait for Congress to act  we have to take the initiative ourselves."
Barack Obama 2014 State of the Union speech on income inequality and raising the minimum wage

My priorities will be to work on:
Preventing crime and violence with jobs, youth programs and public safety
Developing and diversifying our economy
with new green technologies and more support for small business
Defending Richmond’s health
with less toxic places and more open spaces
Building unity from our diversity,
embracing our differences and pulling together as one Richmond
Better utilization of City funds
to reduce the bureaucracy, expand services, and fix our streets.

Phone: 510-698-9309       E-mail:       Write: P.O. Box 5061, Richmond, CA 94805

Sincere Design Jovanka Beckles for Richmond City Council         FPPC # 1397178